Where is Streetlife available?

You can sign up to Streetlife at any British postcode. We have thriving communities all across England, Scotland and Wales and even more are coming to life every week. Unfortunately we're not yet ... [more]

How do I create an account on Streetlife?

Welcome to Streetlife!  I'm using the:    Website iPhone & iPad app Android appWebsiteTo create an account of your own simply fill in the ‘Sign Up’ section of the h... [more]

Why is my postcode not being accepted?

If you're sure that you've entered a valid British postcode that's recognised by the Royal Mail, but our system isn't accepting it, the most likely explanation is that it's a new d... [more]

Why am I being asked to verify my email address?

When members join we ask them to verify their email address so we know that it’s real. The reason we do this is to ensure that we can get in touch with you if we need to.  To do this simp... [more]

Can I trust Streetlife with my information?

We want you to have the best experience of the website so will only ask you for the information required to open an account and to show you what’s happening in your area. Any personal informatio... [more]

How can I find out more about Streetlife and its origins?

If you take a look at our About, FAQ and Take a Peek pages you’ll be able to find out more about why we started Streetlife and who is involved.   [more]

What's the best way to access Streetlife?

Streetlife is available on most computer, laptop, tablet and mobile devices that use a modern operating system and internet browser. Unfortunately, we can no longer support Internet Explorer 10 and ol... [more]

Do you have plans to launch Streetlife internationally?

Today our service is available across Britain, and that's where all our efforts are currently focused. We’d love to expand Streetlife overseas in the future, but we're not yet in a posit...

Do you have any job vacancies?

It’s great to hear that you’d like to work at Streetlife! You'll find any current job openings and details of how to apply on our dedicated jobs page here: https: //www. streetlife. co... [more]

How can I get in touch with your press or legal teams?

If you have a media enquiry please get in touch via press@streetlife. comIf you need to get in touch with our legal team please click here.  Please note that our press email address is only for p... [more]

How can I contact you?

If you have a question about your account, a specific feature or a comment you have posted onto Streetlife please do use the ‘How can we help you? ‘ box at the top of this page to see if w... [more]

What are badges?

Badges are awarded to Streetlife users automatically when they reach certain milestones or complete tasks. It's just a bit of fun and a small way of us saying thanks for using Streetlife. Badges ... [more]

Why can I no longer log in to Streetlife using my Facebook account?

On 19th July 2016 we emailed all members who use the Facebook login functionality on Streetlife to advise them that we'd be withdrawing support for it from 1st August 2016. We've taken the dec... [more]

How do I start a new conversation?

I'm using the:   Website iPhone & iPad app Android appWebsiteYou can create a new conversation via the new conversation control towards the top of your Streetlife home page.  It'... [more]

How do I reply to an existing conversation?

I'm using the:   Website iPhone & iPad app Android appWebsiteTo comment on an existing conversation you’ll need to click through to it first so you are viewing it in full. At the botto... [more]

What are the rules for posting on Streetlife?

Below are the rules that we ask members to agree to before posting on Streetlife. Don’t forget that you also agreed to our Terms and Conditions when creating your account.  We ask users to... [more]

How do I edit or delete a conversation or comment?

You have five minutes from when you've posted a comment or conversation on Streetlife to edit or delete it, via the arrow button which you'll find to the right of every message on Streetlife. ... [more]

Why is there a time restriction for editing and deleting posts?

You have five minutes from when you've posted a comment or conversation on Streetlife to edit or delete it. The reason for the time restriction is that once other users start participating in and ... [more]

Can I post to multiple areas?

We have deliberately restricted the scope in which you can broadcast a single message to in keeping with our principle that all content a member sees should be relevant locally. If you add multiple ar... [more]

Why are you asking me to stop shouting?

Our system prevents users from submitting messages that are largely composed of capital letters, or which have excessive use of exclamation marks. These protections are in place to stop people acciden... [more]

Why can I not add comments to some conversations?

To prevent very old conversations returning back to the top of everyone's news feeds, conversations are automatically "closed" by the system.  Conversations will be closed if they w... [more]

Can I sell personal goods on Streetlife?

Members can place personal items for sale on Streetlife for free by posting them to the Classified section. To do this, simply start a new conversation by selecting the ‘Classified’ messag... [more]

How can I hide a conversation?

If you press the arrow button towards the top right hand side of the conversation a list of options will appear for that conversation. You'll find the "Hide" button in the menu that you ... [more]

How can I find an old conversation?

Here are some tips to help you find past content. Please note that you'll need to be logged into your Streetlife account to access these.  Search If you're searching for a conversation a... [more]

How can I edit my name, profile photo and other information Streetlife members see about me?

I'm using the:   Website iPhone & iPad app Android appWebsiteNameClick your name as shown to the right hand side of the dark grey bar across the top of the website and then ‘Public Pro... [more]

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

No need to worry – it’s usually simple to regain access to your account providing you still have access to the email address your Streetlife account is associated with.  I'm using... [more]

Why does another member have the same name as me?

The default display name for any new user is their first name and the first initial of their last name, so display names aren't necessarily unique. We encourage users to customise their public pro... [more]

How can I remove an area I'm following?

To remove one of the main ‘Around’ areas that you are following, follow these instructions:  1. Click your name as shown to the right hand side of the dark grey bar across the t... [more]

Can I follow additional areas?

You can follow up to three main areas from a single Streetlife account.  Log into Streetlife and enter the area name into the search box at the top of the website.  Look for the area page i... [more]

How do I change my address if I've moved house?

To change the address associated with your account follow these instructions:  1. Click your name as shown to the right hand side of the grey bar across the top of the website2. Choose the &lsq... [more]

How do I close my account?

Sorry to hear that you want to close your account! If there’s anything we can do to fix your account first, or help in any way, please do get in touch.  If you wish to close your account b... [more]

How do I change my email address?

I'm using the:   Website iPhone & iPad app Android appWebsiteTo update your email address simply follow these instructions:  1. Click your name as shown to the right hand side of t... [more]

How do I keep myself safe online?

These are our top tips on how to stay safe on Streetlife:  1. Never post your address publicly for all to see. If you need to share your address with a specific member you can send them a priva... [more]

How do I remove personal information that I've posted to Streetlife?

If you’ve posted personal information on to a Streetlife conversation you have five minutes from the time of posting to edit or delete that message. If this time has passed please get in touch w... [more]

How do I unsubscribe from, or reduce the frequency of, Streetlife emails?

You can change which emails you receive and how often via your Notifications Settings page. The default settings are to receive daily email update summarising all the conversations happening in your l... [more]

Is my personal information secure on Streetlife?

Any personal information you give us as part of the sign up process will never be shown to other Streetlife members with the exception of your first name and surname initial which are used to generate... [more]

What do I do if I'm concerned about another Streetlife member?

If you’re concerned with something a member has posted on Streetlife itself, please report it as inappropriate and our moderation team will look in to it as soon as possible. If you have a gener... [more]

What is address verification and why is it important?

Address verification is the process by which you confirm to Streetlife staff that you live in the area you chose when you first created your account. Currently it involves you doing one of the followi... [more]

Why am I no longer receiving emails from Streetlife?

We are currently unaware of any issues our end affecting email delivery.  There are a number of reasons as to why you may not be receiving emails from us: Our emails are going to your spam/junk m... [more]

What are private messages?

The private messaging function on Streetlife allows you to send other members a message that only the two of you can see. It's ideal if you need to share more sensitive or personal information, o... [more]

How do I send someone a private message?

Messaging one member onlyThe easiest way to send someone a private message would be to click or press the blue 'Private message' button from their profile page. You can get to a member's p... [more]

Why am I unable to send new private messages?

In order to keep Streetlife as safe and secure as possible, members are not able to start new private message conversations until they have verified their address. If you have yet to do this, you will... [more]

What are contacts?

The contacts functionality on Streetlife allows you to bookmark a member so you can easily find them later. It's particularly useful to use when private messaging. Viewing your contacts listTo vi... [more]

How do I delete private messages?

This advice is for deleting a private message. If you're looking to remove a comment or conversation that you've posted publicly to Streetlife, please see our advice for that instead. To... [more]

How do I report an inappropriate private message?

First of all please make sure you’ve clicked through to view the private message in full. At the top of the private message conversation you’ll see an arrow button at the top right hand si... [more]

Why are there adverts in my news feed?

Streetlife is a free service for the vast majority of our users, supported by businesses who pay to advertise their services. These local business adverts are far less intrusive than traditional banne... [more]

How can I advertise my business on Streetlife?

Streetlife for local businesses Whether you're launching a new service or growing an established business, Streetlife offers a ready-made audience of genuine local people, who take pride in s... [more]

What are sponsored posts?

This help article is for businesses and sole traders. If you're a non-profit organisation, club or community group, please see our article about posting out from your organisation page inste... [more]

How much does it cost to advertise my business?

Posting a conversation to your page followers is free. By posting a sponsored conversation (advert) out to areas you'll reach a much wider audience of people, for just £10+VAT per 1,000 use... [more]

How can I pay for a sponsored post?

After you’ve created your sponsored conversation via your page’s ‘post as page’ option you can press the ‘Pay and post’ button to be transferred to our secure payme... [more]

How long will my sponsored post last?

Your sponsored post will automatically feature in local users' daily email updates and news feeds over a period of up to 7 days, until it achieves the total audience you selected. After this time ... [more]

Why am I being asked to post from a business page?

If the purpose of a new conversation is to promote a commercial organisation, service or event, this should be posted directly from a business page rather than the personal Streetlife account you crea... [more]

What is the difference between a business page and a sponsored post?

A business page is a 'hub' for your business on the website that collates all postings by the page and any recommendations posted for your business. It cannot be posted out in the news feeds ... [more]

Can I advertise to a whole county, region or to the entire UK?

When posting a sponsored conversation, you’ll be able to choose whether to send it out to a selection of local areas or your borough, district, unitary authority or county. In order to keep... [more]

How can I make the most of my sponsored post?

Creating your content. . .  1. Choose a compelling subject line to grab your target audience's attention and encourage people to click through to your conversation. 2. Make sure your conten... [more]

Can I talk to you about my sponsored post?

Absolutely – we want you to feel like you’re getting the best value for money so if you have any questions about posting a sponsored conversation please get in touch via email. We do not ... [more]

How can I promote my local organisation on Streetlife?

This help article is for non-profit organisations, clubs and community groups. If you are a business or sole-trader looking to promote your services, please see our help article on advertising a busi... [more]

Sponsored posts for non-profit organisations

This help article is for non-profit organisations, clubs and community groups. If you are a business or sole-trader looking to promote your services, please see our dedicated help section on advertis... [more]

Tips for creating a great sponsored post for your organisation

This help article is for non-profit organisations, clubs and community groups. If you are a business or sole-trader looking to promote your services, please see our tips for businesses instead. Creat... [more]

How can I add my business or organisation page to Streetlife?

Streetlife is a place for neighbours to connect and share information. With 1 in 2 conversations discussing local activities, services and businesses, Streetlife is fast becoming the go-to place to fi... [more]

What do I need to add to my business or organisation page?

Pages are a great way to show off your business or organisation so we’d always recommend filling in as much information as you can, as well as adding eye-catching professional imagery. As a mini... [more]

What's the difference between a page and an advert?

Pages on Streetlife are intended to be a hub for your business or organisation rather than an advert. For this reason they cannot be posted out to the regular Streetlife news feed. All approved pages... [more]

Why are pages reviewed by Streetlife?

We are trying to make the local directory as useful as possible so have implemented some minimum standards that a page has to reach before being accepted. These standards make sure that pages are suit... [more]

Why has my business or organisation page been rejected?

This advice is for rejected business or organisation pages. If you're looking to find out why a comment or conversation you've posted to the news feed has been deleted, please see our ad... [more]

How do I post out from my business page?

Please see our dedicated help section on advertising from a Streetlife page.

How do I delete my business or organisation page?

This advice is for deleting a business or organisation page. If you're looking to remove a comment or conversation that you've posted, please see our advice for that instead. If you'd lik... [more]

What is the local directory?

The local directory on Streetlife is a place where you can find local businesses, services, community groups, charities and organisations. If you've used a good local business or organisation that... [more]

Can I change the administrator for my page?

Yes - no problem. Just get in touch with the Streetlife support team with the email address used by the member you'd like to pass the page on to - they'll then take care of the rest.

How is content on Streetlife monitored?

With tens of thousands of comments posted a day it is unfortunately not possible for us to read every single one and evaluate whether it is suitable or not for publication. We therefore have automated... [more]

Why did you reject my business/organisation page?

Please see this related Streetlife article for more information: Why has my business or organisation page been rejected? ​

Why did you reject my recommendation?

If we have reason to reject a recommendation you have posted on to a business or organisation page you will receive an email notifying you why. When reviewing recommendations we are checking that they... [more]

Why did you remove my comment or conversation?

If we have reason to remove one of your contributions, you will receive an automated email advising you of this and explaining the reason that the post was removed. If you read the email and the Stree... [more]

How do I report something inappropriate that I've seen?

Sorry to hear you’ve seen something inappropriate! The procedure to report something on Streetlife differs depending on what it is that you’re trying to report, so please take a look at th... [more]

Why is my council, police team or healthwatch using Streetlife?

Responses to our user survey were overwhelmingly in favour of seeing news and information from local councils, police teams and healthwatch, so we are inviting these organisations to use Streetlife to... [more]

I am a council, police team or health organisation - can I join Streetlife in an official capacity?

Our users want to engage with their local council, police team and healthwatch on Streetlife and so we’re actively inviting these organisations to join and connect with their residents in a way ... [more]

I am an elected official, can I join Streetlife?

Councillors and MPs have a huge amount of valuable, local information that they can share with their Streetlife communities, who often debate and discuss public services. You can create a Streetlife a... [more]

How can I get in touch with my council, police team or healthwatch on Streetlife?

Make sure you are following their official Streetlife page, by searching for them (using the search bar at the top of the page) and pressing the follow button. You can respond to any of the conversati... [more]

Can I use the Streetlife website on my mobile phone?

Absolutely! Just visit www. streetlife. com on your mobile device’s internet browser and a mobile optimised version of the website will automatically load.  

Does Streetlife have a mobile app?

We currently have an app available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. We plan to release an app for Amazon Fire tablets later in the year.  We have no plans to release apps for other platform... [more]

Why are some features missing from the app?

Our apps are still relatively new so we’ve not yet been able to add everything to them that you can do on the Streetlife website. Here’s a list of tasks you won’t be able to complete... [more]

How do I use the Streetlife mobile app?

After you’ve downloaded the app on to your device you can use the information below to discover how to use some of the key features within the app.  I'm using the:   iPhone & ... [more]
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